Energy Saving Tips For Employees & Managers In The Workplace

If you’re a company owner or a manager, it should be one of your responsibilities to make sure that your workplace is an energy efficient one. It will not just help your company to shave off a considerable amount of money on its expense sheet, you will also get the opportunity to contribute towards the betterment of the world we live in. I’m glad you’ve made it onto this article and I hope more people pay special attention towards the below-mentioned energy saving tips for employees.

Share knowledge with your employees

This would be one of the most obvious energy saving tips available for you to consider. Unfortunately, most of the employees rarely look beyond their screen. Many employees don’t consider their companies expenses to be their problem, after all, they’re not paying it. I’m not suggesting calling meetings, you would just need to try to mention energy saving tips here and there, whilst in conversation with your employees/colleagues. If you’re in a large company and perhaps gathering them to a single place would be unfeasible, you could simply send out an email blast. Keep it light but passionate, so that you will be able to get your message across without sounding like a penny pincher. Mentioning examples of how much of a difference they can make help.

Here’s an example;

“Hi Team,

As you know we are keen to look after the environment and would like our company to move to be more energy efficient. We have looked at our energy usage and comparative to other companies, we use more, a lot more. I have many suggestions on how we can use less and better the planet. Just as a small example, ensuring the printers are turned off during night time can help the office to save enough energy needed to print over 1,000 extra photocopies a year. We are open to your suggestions and would love to hear them.



Such examples are strong enough to create a tremendous impact on the minds of your employees. As a result, they will go ahead and take necessary steps to save energy, whilst making themselves feel like part of something great.

working enviromentSend constant reminders to the employees

Employees (well humans) tend to forget things after some time, especially once the initial push dies down. Hence, it would be a good idea to send constant reminders to them. If you run out, you can find some here;

This doesn’t mean you will have to allocate time every single week to send reminders. You can simply compile some “save energy email blasts” and then schedule those mail accordingly. If you can send one such scheduled mail per week, you will be able to remind your staff. Hopefully, you can get the discussion going and you won’t need to do this forever. After some time, you would have sold them on the vision of being a better company. In the meantime, you can think about defining energy saving role models inside the company. Certain staff members can be rewarded for their ideas, innovations or achievements. An example being, someone’s idea reduces the energy bill by £500 over the year, so you’re giving them a £250 Amazon gift voucher. This will help you to get quick results and keep that spark going. Mid-level managers who work for your company are perfect examples for energy saving role models. They will be able to get the word across to the employees within a short period of time.

Establish a team

Managers shouldn’t be burdened with this, chances are they have enough on their plate. The most effective campaigns in workplaces aren’t just spearheaded by one person. Instead, many if not all employees will work together to make a huge impact. That’s where you need to focus on forming teams. The team should consist of managers as well as employees. You can give an interesting name to such teams as “Green Teams”. Those team members can then be provided with the responsibility of sharing energy saving tips along with their colleagues. In other words, they can share the importance of being environmentally conscious. This kind of a team can be an asset to any company. They will also be able to tackle the energy conservation requirements while motivating and educating the fellow employees.

working on machinery

Make the overall experience fun and enjoyable to the employees

All the employees would love to have some fun while they are at work. That’s the main reason why you need to make the energy-saving efforts fun and enjoyable for them. If the energy saving initiatives are boring, staff will consider it to be just extra workload. They will prefer to stay away from those initiatives and mind their own business. For example, you can think about holding a competition among employees to create funny posters on energy saving methods to use around the office.  Who doesn’t like having their artwork posted on the walls for everyone to see. Especially if you get them professionally printed, you give your employees a feeling that they have contributed to building your company, even if it’s just one poster.

Provide rewards to the employees who contribute towards energy saving efforts

I’ve touched on this already but wanted to emphasize it. You should think about rewarding your staff who contribute towards the energy-saving efforts of your company – after all, they are saving you money. Employees love to be rewarded on top of their salary. You can organize events to provide rewards for the employees who contribute towards the energy-saving efforts of the company. For example, you can ask the employees who live closer to the office to use a bicycle or walk to the office, instead of coming in the car. On the other hand, you can encourage other employees to come in public transport. It is even possible for you to promote the concept of electric or hybrid cars to the employees. Many local governments have all sorts of schemes for companies. To compensate their efforts, you can think about providing rewards. It can be financial incentives, or you can go with gift cards and treats to the employees.

Any employer will be able to go ahead and try out those methods to create an energy saving environment within the workplace whether you’re a small business or a large company – give it a go!

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