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EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain, and the largest supplier to British businesses.

My Review 

I reviewed all of the Energy Suppliers in the UK that I know and EDF ranked #4 on that list. My review was based upon four criteria; 

  • Cheap prices
  • Ethical Practices
  • Ease of Communication
  • Problem-solving

Here’s my review of EDF;

Cheap Prices

EDF is hardly ever the cheapest but they are consistently in the top three. Their standing charges are a standard 25p per day.

Ethical Practices

EDF are good to their customers, with no contract rollovers. They don’t have crazy high out of contract prices and I haven’t experienced any issues in customers joining or leaving EDF.
One issue that I must highlight is their strong policies against the type of businesses they will accept. It’s their provocative but I dislike suppliers limiting the market, especially the large ones that could clearly manage ‘difficult’ customers with ease.

EDF won’t accept any new customers from within the hospitality sector.

They consistently proclaim that their electricity is ‘low carbon’, which sounds like renewable energy but it’s definitely not. EDF is a nuclear power company and that’s where they generate much of their energy. Make of that what you will.

Ease of Contact

EDF is great to contact. Customers can contact them with ease via telephone, email, and webchat. I often contact EDF via webchat.

Problem Solving

I’ve had a fair few issues with EDF but they solve them generally very quickly and usually via webchat. I have no complaints about EDF’s complaint handling. All customer service agents are from the UK and speak fluent English which is nice.

EDF Overview

Fixed duration contracts – No more quarterly end dates. Contracts will now be exactly 1/2/3/4 years in length from the expected contract start date

EDF will accept 01/02 Profile Classes via the matrix – all contracts for 01/02 profile classes must be submitted with proof of business and usage.

EDF cannot accept contracts for multi metered MPANs or MPRs

Whilst EDF can supply AMR metered sites, they currently are not able to support the functionality of AMR meters and will not be able to automatically read these. Meter reads will need to be submitted by the customer for billing purposes

EDF will only accept specific meters for Gas depending on their capacity. This can be checked with the Fulfilment Team prior to contract submission. U6 is the largest gas meter they can accept.

IGT / Shipperless meters are not accepted.

Backdated contracts are not offered by EDF.

All contracts can be sold up to 180 days ahead.

EDF can register and apply for sites at a minimum of 21 calendar days out.

Monthly Direct Debit discount is applied to billed usage before VAT and CCL associated costs. Not all energy products are eligible for the discount. American Express payments/products are not eligible for the 7%

Monthly Direct Debit discount.


14/09/2020: No Longer Accepting Communication From Non-Contractual Brokers or Third Parties

Terms and Conditions

EDF Terms & Conditions

Customer Service

EDF customer service is open for general inquiries from Mon – Fri 8 am – 6 pm.


Online Chat

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Email Address

Customer Service Email: SMECustomerServices@edfenergy.com

Letter of Authority Email: SMELOA@edfenergy.com

Moving Premises / Change of Tenancy Email: smemove@edfenergy.com

Major Business LOA’s: ThirdPartyTerminations@EDFEnergy.com

Other Emails: contactus@edfenergy.com and advisor@edfenergy.com

Customer Complaints: customer_correspondence@edfenergy.com or complaintresolutionmanager@edfenergy.com

Phone Numbers

Sales: 0800 015 9097

Customer Service: 0800 096 2255

General Enquiries:0800 040 7002

Termination Number: 0800 400 200

Business Meter Readings: 0800 404 7413

Social Media & Website






Billing & Payment

EDF automatically sets all billing up as monthly. Quarterly billing is available on request.

For SME (03/04 profiles) EDF Energy collects Direct Debit payments on a fixed monthly amount basis. This is calculated based on the EAC and unit charges divided by 12. EDF only bill when requested and only when reads are submitted. Saving paper and queries on estimated bills.

A monthly or quarterly Cash Cheque option is available, this will be estimated unless EDF Energy are provided with an accurate meter read. Late payment charges of £10 plus VAT for monthly payments, or £30 plus VAT for quarterly (per invoice).

The Cash Cheque option does not receive any discount whereas customers set up on DD receive a 7% discount on their bill. The customer must complete and return the DD mandate from the welcome pack for both Acquisition and Renewal contracts.

EDF are no longer accepting DD mandates submitted via a third party via email due to the new General Data Protection Regulations that have come into effect. EDF will post the Direct Debit Mandate to the customer, who will need to complete the form and return it to EDF

Customers who do not complete a DD mandate will not benefit from the 7% discount.

Change Of Tenancy

COTs must be accompanied by a valid LOA, COT form and lease agreement/solicitors letter.

LOA Requirements

LOAs can be accepted as DocuSign or PDF


Terminations must be logged at least 30 days ahead of the contract end date.


Customers are moved to a fixed price contract at the end of their current contract if they do nothing. Customers moved to a fixed price contract are able to upgrade to a better product or change suppliers without termination fees at any time providing 30 day notice of termination is submitted.

Credit & Business Acceptance

Experian Score



50 – 100


    Monthly Direct Debit (Fixed or Variable) / Cash Cheque Monthly

25 – 49


    Monthly Direct Debit (Fixed or Variable)

0 – 24


    No product offered by EDF Energy

EDF have confirmed the minimum credit score they will accept for Hospitality and Leisure Acquisition Contracts is 75 or above.

The Business types that require a score of 75 or above are:

Restaurants, Takeaways, Bars, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, Wine Bars, Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Hostels, Camp Sites, Caravan Sites, Catering Contractors, Bowling Alleys, Dance Halls, Event Caterer, Event Organiser, Event Promoter, Indoor Play Centres, Leisure Centres, Sports & Social Clubs, Snooker Clubs, Public Halls, Village Halls, Holiday Camps, Recreation & Entertainment, Tea Rooms, Theatres & Museums.

You can request a pre-contract indicative credit check via our Fulfilment Team.

75+ Credit Score Requirement For Hospitality Sector

EDF will only accept Acquisition & Renewal contracts for customers in the hospitality & leisure sector, with an Experian credit score of 75 or above.

Contract Requirements

Contracts can be accepted in any format (Verbal/DocuSign/PDF)

EDF will not accept backdated contracts

Product Code must always be completed as this is a contract requirement.

EDF will accept customers with 01 & 02 (domestic) profile Classes but they must be submitted with proof of business and usage.

Backdated contracts are not offered by EDF.

EDF cannot accept contracts for multi metered MPANs or MPRs

EDF does not accept IGT (Independent Gas Transporters) / Shipperless meters.

EDF will send a welcome pack to the customer at the point of registration. The customer needs to complete the enclosed DD mandate and return to EDF. If this is not returned, it could result in the customer paying by Cash Cheque and missing out on the 7% DD Discount.

EDF will only accept specific meters for Gas depending on their capacity. U6 is the largest gas meter they can accept.

EDF have removed all gas meter restrictions unless they fall into the below;

The meter restrictions that will remain are:

  • Meters with an AQ greater than 293,000
  • Prepayment Meters – Sites where the consumption is ‘pay as you go’
  • Converter / Corrector meters