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EDF will no longer be accepting acquisitions (new customers) from the hospitality sector.

EDF do not accept three phase meters. More Info

Credit Requirements

75+ Credit Score Requirement For Hospitality Sector

EDF will only accept Acquisition & Renewal contracts for customers in the hospitality & Leisure sector, with a Experian credit score of 75 or above.

Businesses that require a 75 + Experian score are: 

Restaurants, Takeaways, Bars, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, Wine Bars, Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Hostels, Camp Sites, Caravan Sites, Catering Contractors, Bowling Alleys, Dance Halls, Event Caterer, Event Organiser, Event Promoter, Indoor Play Centres, Leisure Centres, Sports & Social Clubs, Snooker Clubs, Public Halls, Village Halls, Holiday Camps, Recreation & Entertainment, Tea Rooms, Theatres & Museums.

Contract Acceptance Requirements

EDF will accept customers with 01 & 02 (domestic) profile Classes but they must be submitted with proof of business and usage.

Backdated contracts are not offered by EDF.

EDF cannot accept contracts for multi metered MPANs or MPRs

EDF does not accept IGT (Independent Gas Transporters) / Shipperless meters.

EDF will send a welcome pack to the customer at the point of registration. The customer needs to complete the enclosed DD mandate and return to EDF. If this is not returned, it could result in the customer paying by Cash Cheque and missing out on the 7% DD Discount.

EDF will only accept specific meters for Gas depending on their capacity. U6 is the largest gas meter they can accept.

Gas Restrictions

EDF have removed all gas meter restrictions unless they fall into the below;

The meter restrictions that will remain are:

  • Meters with an AQ greater than 293,000
  • Prepayment Meters – Sites where the consumption is ‘pay as you go’
  • Converter / Corrector meters

Sell Ahead Days

All contracts can be sold up to 180 days ahead.

EDF can register and apply for sites at a minimum of 21 calendar days out.