Energy Supplier Complaint Template Email – My Version

I’m sorry you even have to be on this page. Sadly suppliers customer service is going down as technology improves. They have more ways to communicate with us than ever yet for some reason, they seem to be ignoring both customers and brokers. Thankfully we have the Ombudsman to keep things in check with these lot. Once you feel you’re not getting anywhere and they are just dragging their feet, send them the below email – it’ll get the job done.

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Please note: Evidence is a must here, if you don’t have any, perhaps try to build some up before complaining. Complaints with evidence & dates are almost always going to be resolved in the customers favour.

Complaint Email Template

Account Details

Mention all the account details you have here. Account number, business name, customer name, address, MPAN & MPRN numbers.


Outline here what exactly the energy supplier has done wrong.

Also mention all the steps you have taken to try and resolve the issue yourself.

Feel free to also mention different names of staff within the company in this section. 


Outline here exactly what steps you want the energy supplier to take in order to get the complaint resolved.


Provide here a detailed timeline of events starting from the first time you contacted the energy supplier all the way leading up to today. 

Mention exactly how many days it has been since you last had contact from them and today.

Mention here also each document/email/letter you have attached to this email and what that evidence shows. For example; “I have attached my email conversation with Sarah clearing showing she would apply the £150 credit to my account.”


Please note that should this complaint not be resolved in the next 6 weeks we will be going to the Ombudsman with this. We feel we have been patient with XSupplier and would really like this resolved as soon as possible. We hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you

Name and Contact Details

Remember to upload your evidence