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Hamed Adefuwa

I've helped a few hundred small businesses in the UK avoid getting ripped off by brokers and suppliers. I'm a small business here for small business.






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What I Do

  • Gather prices from every supplier

  • Work with Energy Suppliers and Brokers – Allowing a wide range of prices.

  • Give you information Energy Suppliers & Brokers want hidden.

  • Inform on when is the best time to renew

  • Inform where the market is going.

  • Available for you – always the same person, me, Hamed.



As we approach winter, it is becoming increasingly likely that more suppliers will adapt their product offerings and further restrictions are likely.

Basically refusing new customers. So less options = higher prices for businesses.

Business Energy Update: Opus Energy has announced that they will be temporarily halting several of their key products for the foreseeable future to help mitigate against the risk associated with the energy markets.

Can't see Cannonier even slightly troubling Izzy #UFC276

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