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Hamed Adefuwa

I've helped a few hundred small businesses in the UK avoid getting ripped off by brokers and suppliers. I'm a small business here for small business.






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How I Can Help You

What I Do

  • Gather prices from every supplier

  • Work with Energy Suppliers and Brokers – Allowing a wide range of prices.

  • Give you information Energy Suppliers & Brokers want hidden.

  • Inform on when is the best time to renew

  • Inform where the market is going.

  • Available for you – always the same person, me, Hamed.



My Uni: We'll teach you electrical engineering.
Me: Great!
Uni: That'll be £9,250 per year
Me: Ok
My Uni: Here's a Book you should read, all the best!
Me: Huh..

**Uni has left the chat**


Currently in my first online lecture of my 2nd year at university. Needless to say, I'm on twitter.

Online lectures yay.

Atleast I'm safe from Covid.

I never use reddit. The one time theres a guy with a question I could answer - its down.

Let's talk!

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