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Hamed Adefuwa

I've helped a few hundred small businesses in the UK avoid getting ripped off by brokers and suppliers. I'm a small business here for small business.






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How I Can Help You

What I Do

  • Gather prices from every supplier

  • Work with Energy Suppliers and Brokers – Allowing a wide range of prices.

  • Give you information Energy Suppliers & Brokers want hidden.

  • Inform on when is the best time to renew

  • Inform where the market is going.

  • Available for you – always the same person, me, Hamed.



Energy prices rises will only continue the longer we are dependent on gas.

Renewables and other clean energy sources, generated domestically, combined with much better energy efficiency is the only long term sustainable way we can reduce bills.

"Velcro" is a verb, a noun and a stand-alone word. No one uses the term “hook and loop fastener”.

I really enjoy listening to Ray. Worth $17bil but seems like a chill guy lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TISMidxdZoc

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