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I've helped a few hundred small businesses in the UK avoid getting ripped off by brokers and suppliers. I'm a small business here for small business.






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Instagram post 18097474600131327 The brilliance of #3dprinting . Its saving me loads of silly drives to the hardware store.
Instagram post 17847366832905785 Mate.. my car 😳. Gotta go uni in this
Instagram post 17924068261360189 I'm the only soul in this library 😎. Well the security guard and two cleaners are here as well.

Instagram post 18014696800265916 Managed to create my first blinking LED using the Raspberry Pi. Granted it was a basic copy and paste job, but still very happy.

#electricalengineering #engineering #breadboardcircuits #raspberrypi
Instagram post 18125801389021186 Burnt out one LED in the process but I did it, a super basic first circuit. 🤣

#electricalengineering #electronics
Instagram post 17874639121542041 Having a go at building my first breadboard circuits. No clue what I'm doing but we'll see how it goes.

#electricalengineering #electronics #breadboardcircuits #breadboard
How I Can Help You

What I Do

  • I gather prices from every supplier you’ve ever heard of within an hour.

  • I work with Energy Suppliers and Brokers, allowing me to get an extremely wide range of prices.

  • I give you the information the Energy Suppliers and Brokers want to hide.

  • I let you know when’s the best time to renew in the year and where the market appears to be going.

  • I’m available for you, every day of the week, whenever you need anything, via any communication channel – always the same person, me, Hamed.

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