Frequently Asked Questions

I have no ties to any suppliers regarding putting a certain number of clients with them. All the suppliers I work with pay me the same commission, based on your energy usage so I’m not swayed towards one supplier over another.

Although we all recommend switching supplier, you don’t have to if you don’t want too. I work with almost every supplier so there’s a really high chance I’ll be able to get renewal prices for you from your current supplier.

Get hold of your latest bill and give me a call on 0208 050 5456 and we’ll get the ball rolling together.

I work with the Big 6 suppliers, most of the well known “large” suppliers outside of the Big 6 and then a couple of “small” lesser known suppliers. All together I have a relationship with over 20 suppliers.

Thankfully no. I don’t want to force anyone to work with me. If you’re happy with my service you’re free to come back and work with me. Likewise if you’re unhappy or you just want to try someone else, you’re free to do so. Your contract is with the supplier and not me. Beware though, some brokers do contract you in with them.

Give me a call now and we can discuss when’s the best time for both of us to have a look into this. If your current contract is ending within the next 6 months, Ofgem recommends shopping around now.

The furthest forward we can do a new contract is two years so chances are I can help you regardless of your situation.

No, there is no charge for working with me. I get paid from the supplier for introducing you to them.

Brokers & consultants get paid in two different ways. I’m paid by adding what’s called an “uplift” to the unit rate that is charged to the customer. An example being; if I find the customer a price at 13.5 pence per kWh then I add 0.6 pence to that unit rate; totalling to 14.1 pence per kWh. Which is equal to 4.2% commission on all the kWh’s the customer uses throughout the year. On a bill of £1000 over the year, that’s £42 commission for me. Basically the customer is paying me £3.50 a month for 12 months. Nothing fancy right?