What I Do As Your Energy Consultant

My job is more in-depth than you might expect. Initially, it is about educating myself about how the industry works and what all the different energy suppliers get up to. A significant part of it actually involves a lot of studying and learning what would be deemed “pointless” information to most.

My main role is to make the life of my customers easier. I will be the one that goes from supplier to supplier to get you the best possible prices for your business or home. It is all about saving you, the customer, time and money.

Why Choose To Work With An Energy Consultant?

Typically if you are doing this alone, it involves you spending a large part of your day calling supplier after supplier, listening to hold music and haggling with numerous salesmen. Working with an energy consultant, like myself, means that you only need to be dealing with one person who will be doing all the legwork for you. All you need to do is take your pick out of the prices I present you and away we go.

Due to the industry based relationship I have with these suppliers, it enables me to get you some of the best deals on the market. I am fortunate enough to work with nineteen different energy suppliers from a commercial stance, and three suppliers, as well as uSwitch, for my domestic customers. This allows me the freedom to compare prices with multiple suppliers on your behalf and in turn get you the best prices.

My Process

What I aim to do, so you are not overwhelmed with options, is give you a renewal price with your current supplier as well as the cheapest alternative on the market. That way you have a simple and easy decision to make without all the hassle.

Furthermore, as an energy consultant, I come across countless clients that are having an issue with their current supplier. As long as I have a letter of authority from you, that problem gets taken out of your hands into mine, and I can communicate directly with the supplier on your behalf to get the issue solved.

Finally, I have found that some customers can be a little apprehensive about working with an energy consultant due to their price being affected by the consultant’s commission. While it is fair to have this concern, my commission is not something I primarily focus on. My main aim has always been to get my customers the cheapest deals and save them as much money as possible on their energy bills. Now, believe me, this has not always gone down well working in a target and commission based industry. However, what I found it has done, is allow me to build a strong and loyal customer base, where it enables him to keep their business year in and year out.

My aim is not to make me the most commission but to make you the customer, the most savings.

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