Hamed Daily #1 – “You Know Why I’m Calling”

Hello, guys, this is a new thing for me and I really appreciate you reading this. I intend with these posts to document everything that happens in my work day and walk you through my day. I’m hopeful that with this, it will enable more people to understand what energy consultants do after they put the phone down and also a bit more about how the industry works.

As I’m not attached to any company or supplier, I have the ability to be neutral. I am hopeful that by showing everyone my way of working I will be given the opportunity by you, to organise your friends & families business energy contracts.

Please note all customers mentioned in this are real however their names have been changed in order to protect their identity. If you happen to read about yourself and are happy to be named then I can do so and will also attach your business information to your name.


Let The Day Begin – 06/09/2016

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The Wonderful Dave

A gloomy morning started with me waking up late. I received a call while getting dressed from Dave. I ended up missing the call so I finished getting dressed, sat down at my desk and called him back. I’d previously signed up Dave a month ago, he owns a garage. Dave and I have a great relationship, he’s ridiculously funny and loves to take the mickey.

The conversation started with him shouting “You know why I’m calling.” I actually had no idea, I assumed there had been a registration problem in regards to him switching energy suppliers. I checked the date he was due to switch and it wasn’t until 27/09/2016. I responded confused and weirdly saying, “ok so you’re due to switch in three weeks time?” He then went on to explain he’s spoken to the two companies and hit a brick wall and doesn’t know what to do. I’m still confused at this point but I try to play along.

After five minutes of Dave assuming, I know what he’s talking about and me pretending to know what he’s talking about, I realised this approach wasn’t fruitful. I decided to outright ask and although I looked stupid, it helped, he explained properly and I remembered. A month ago I promised I would help Dave get some of the money that’s owed to him by his previous supplier (E-ON) back.

Side Note

Dealing with energy suppliers can be a pain in the backside, you have to always understand that although all of these companies are in the same industry they all are structured differently. I worked for Extra Energy and they were all in one building over three floors so if there was an issue, I could walk upstairs and speak directly to the person I needed. British Gas, however, they’re Electricity department is based in Leicester while their gas department is based in South Africa.

I’ve now emailed E-ON asking if Dave has any credit on his account and if so can it be paid into his bank account that they should have on file. I’m yet to hear back from them however E-ON are a solid company and one of the pioneers in terms of customer services so I wouldn’t be surprised if they respond saying it’s done.

Laziness Kicked In

The day went a bit quiet as I’ve been a bit lazy recently. I had a such a great month in August I’ve been so slow to pick up the phone in search for new business. I then decided to go out for the day and as always when you want to relax you those emails that you have to attend too.

Mr Imrans uncle who just recently took over a garage and came to help, his electricity and gas have been objected to by British Gas. Reason? Only British Gas know and as with all suppliers, they refuse to explain to me the reason for their objection. I called Mr Imran on the train and explained that even though his uncle was on out of contract with British Gas they have objected to the transfer. Hoping this one gets sorted ASAP, Mr Imran is a good customer of mine.

At around 3pm I sat down with my laptop and some coffee and figured I’d try to chase a few people. Michael wasn’t at his desk, which is to be expected since no one of any importance is really at their desk in the afternoon. Aisha wasn’t at her supermarket either and I left a voicemail for Omar.

Bless Catherine

Thankfully my day ended on a positive, Npower returned the countersigned contract for a lovely customer of mine, Catherine. I then emailed it and the terms and conditions over to her.

Bless Catherine, she’s an accountant for big estate agents, she’s been really poorly recently, had a big operation in the summer and has been recovering since. Their electricity bill is £52,000 a year and unfortunately because of all the personal issues and then a delay in getting prices from Npower, now they will, unfortunately, be on out of contract prices for a month. That’s an extra £2500 profit for SSE because of issues that happened at no fault to the customer.

Unfortunately, these things happen but I’ll make sure next year we sign up Catherine nice and early, way before the end of her contract when the prices are great.

After only calling twelve customers today I ended my work day. Can’t say I’m very impressed with my day. I hope to get up much earlier tomorrow, do some morning exercise and at least call 30 customers. I hope your day was better than mine.