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Dual Energy rebrands to SmartestEnergy

Dual Energy will officially rebrand to SmartestEnergy Business on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Dual Energy’s official company name will become SmartestEnergy Business Limited. The move follows the acquisition of the business in December 2019 and will enable both companies to strengthen the vision of delivering leading, innovative products and service excellence to the UK energy market.

Through the SmartestEnergy brand, they can achieve a bigger and better future for all stakeholders including customers, TPIs, and employees. The focus is to build on their leading proposition that will reach out to a wider business community, driving a smarter transition to a net-zero carbon economy and best-in-class customer experience. 

What you need to know…

Sales Tools

  • It’s a rebrand so everything that has a Dual Energy logo on it will be updated. This means product collateral, pricing tools, verbal scripts, application form, etc will now adopt the SmartestEnergy branding. New versions of these are available to download in advance from our new sales portal. Please ensure you update your sales systems and staff in line with the rebrand.
  • Important: Please note we will not be able to accept any customer contract completed using the Dual Energy verbal script or application form after the 5th of September 2020.

Sales Portal

  • A rebranded version of our sales portal will be available via a new web address. We’ve made some slight changes to the look and feel of the pages but the same functionality remains in place. Your existing login username and password also remain the same. You’ll also be able to monitor the progress of outstanding Dual Energy contracts via this portal access.

New Sales Portal >

Commission Reporting & Payments

  • You will continue to receive your weekly/monthly reports from Dual Energy at the same frequency as before. They will be branded as SmartestEnergy and come from a new email address commissionreports.business@smartestenergy.com. Self-billing arrangements remain in places and monies will be transferred from their existing bank account renamed SmartestEnergy Business Limited.

Broker Agreements

  • Your existing broker agreement remains in place, there has simply been a transfer of business entity from Dual Energy Direct Ltd to SmartestEnergy Business Limited.

Contact Information

  • SmartestEnergy (Dual Energy) Sales Support Team are always on hand to help with all your inquiries. The contact number for them remains the same – 01903 703411. Opening hours are unchanged; 8.30 am-5 pm Mon-Fri.
  • Please refer to SmartestEnergy (Dual Energy)  new email address, below:
    • New Sales Support Email: salessupport.business@smartestenergy.com
    • New Customer Services Email: customerservices.business@smartestenergy.com
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Dual Energy maximum uplift for all gas contracts is 2p.

Start Dates For Contracts

Electric Acquisitions

Minimum Start Date: 13 working days ahead of submission date
Maximum Start Date: 180 days ahead of submission date

Gas Acquisitions

Minimum Start Date: 28 working days ahead of submission date
Maximum Start Date: 180 days ahead of submission date

Electricity Renewals

Minimum Start Date: 13 working days ahead of submission date

Maximum Start Date: 180 days ahead of submission date