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Total Gas & Power is one of the leading energy suppliers to industrial, commercial and business customers within the UK. Part of the Total Group of businesses, Total Gas & Power is a market leader in the UK gas supply market and has been supplying electricity since 2001.
Total Gas & Power now supplies over 175,000 sites across all market sectors: small and medium businesses, large industrial and commercial companies, as well as the public service and non-profit organisations. As a company with a long history in gas and power, and more recently in renewable energy technologies, Total Gas & Power have learned to be at the forefront of a changing market place.


  • Please be aware that Total Gas & Power are currently not offering prices on NSC Electricity and Gas contracts for start dates before the 1st October 2020. These are temporary changes and will advise once normal pricing has been resumed.
  • Minimum annual usage accepted is 5,000 kWh.
  • 01/02 Meters are not accepted.
  • Total Gas Power offers up to 5 year term contracts.
  • Co-terminus end dates can be offered on both Gas and Electric products.
  • Welcome packs are sent to the customer once the contract goes live.
  • All contracts are to be sold as Direct Debit. BACS payment can be accepted, however £20.00 plus VAT per invoice will apply.
  • Backdates are not available.
  • Total Gas and Power offer a unique product, specifically aimed at supporting new businesses (trading less than 2 years) called Activate. 

Terms & Conditions

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Customer Service


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Phone Numbers

Card Payment: 0333 003 7874

General Phone: 0333 003 7874

Billing & Payment

Direct Debit is available for any contract. If the customer chooses to pay by other means there will be an administration charge applied. 


You must logged the termination in a minimum of 30 days prior to the contract end date. Although, you can log termination at any point during the contract.


Total Gas and Power will work with Brokers for customers renewals instead of going directly to the customer.

Letter Of Authority Requirements

Letter of Authority can be accepted in any format (Verbal/DocuSign/PDF) though please note, all documents must be scanned versions of the original and not photos.

Change of Tenancy Requirements

Total Change of Tenancy need to be accompanied with a valid Letter of Authority, Change of Tenancy form and lease agreement/solicitors letter. 

Credit & Business Acceptance

Total Gas and Power will credit check all potential customers. If sites do not meet the credit requirements Total may request more information to help make a decision. A security deposit may be required.

The minimum trading history for Limited entities is a minimum of 20 months.

Total Gas & Power use Experian for credit report. 

Sole Traders/Partnerships Criteria – based almost entirely on their ability to trace both the proprietor(s) on the voters roll and the business itself. 

TGP won’t accept any sole traders/partnerships with CCJ’s (County Court Judgements) and other adverse info.

For renewals, Total Gas & Power consider how the customer pays them currently and if there is any debt issues.

There is no ‘score’ or certain company financials which are a yes or no. Total Gas & Power consider all aspects of a company, including the financials, rating, adverse info, payment history, ccjs, sector, other economic factors.

Total Gas and Power offer a unique product, specifically aimed at supporting new businesses (trading less than 2 years) called Activate. 

Definite declines

  • Companies with CCJ’s
  • Companies in administration/liquidation
  • Companies late filing with companies house
  • Companies due to be struck off companies house
  • Companies in CVA
  • Phoenix companies

Contract Requirements

Contracts can be accepted in any format (Verbal/DocuSign/PDF) though please note, all documents must be scanned versions of the original and not photos and they also do not accept verbal addon’s.

Total Gas and Power will not accept any Public Houses, Nightclubs or Bars. (No licensed premises)

Supplier Updates

Update As Of July 8th, 2020 – Contract Terms Update

Total Gas & Power are now enforcing a structured Termination Charge process to all customers who’s agreed contracts don’t reach a live status.

If an objection occurs the customer will receive a letter to advise that a termination fee can be issued should the contract not go live.

Update As Of August 4th, 2020 – Contract Terms Update

Total Gas and Power has now agreed that they will accept any other sectors other than Restaurants, Pubs, Bars. Travel, Leisure sectors credit score > 60. They have also reduced the credit score threshold back to 30 from the increased 45 set a few months back. As you can see from the above this is a great step forward and hopefully allows you to place a business that you couldn’t place previously.