Cleaning Up The River Thames

The River Thames is a fairly disgusting river, you’d never drink it. It’s actually the cleanest river in the world, that flows through a major city. In 1800s it was way worse, since all of londons toilet sewage was poured into it. In 1855 The Times said ‘The whole of the river was an opaque pale brown fluid.’ ??

100 years later in 1950s it was still a mess and most of the Thames had zero oxygen in it which buy ambien online meant there was no life found in it at all.

Now today there are over 2000 seals & a whole bunch of wild life living in the Thames. Still now billions of litres of sewage goes into the Thames each year.

To combat this, we’re building a huge super sewage tunnel which will stop the extra sewage going into the Thames and possibly we may have a nice blue Thames in the future.

I do love history me.