New Meter Connections

I work with 10 different suppliers that can manage new connections and installations for your business. These suppliers I work with will also manage your location and utility during the connection.

The suppliers I work with are the largest in the UK and have dedicated siteworks teams who can deal with the new metering contract, install an AMR meter for you and conduct other work on the site.

Some of the other services I can help with are;

  • Moving your meter
  • Increasing capacity
  • Decreasing capacity
  • Disconnecting your meter
  • Temporary meters
smart meter

How It Works

Get in touch with me on 0208 050 5456 or and let me know what work you would like carried out and I will recommend certain suppliers and providers based on who I think will do the best job for you at the lowest cost.

What I need?

If you’d like my help with your new meter connection, get in touch with me and let me know what work you’d like done and I’ll point you in the right direction – 0208 050 5456 or