Water Quotes

The water market has been opened up now for awhile now but we have all been underwhelmed by it all. The water market is open but the rates for the water remain the same. Everyone in England pays the same water rate. Everyone in Wales pays the same water rate. So why switch?

Suppliers charge a service charge, this is what differs, so you could save £100 a year by switching water. It’s generally not a large saving and more than only going to be done by people who have an issue with their water supplier.

If you’d like me to get you prices for your water, please get in touch and let me know who your current supplier is. I’ll then need a letter of authority from you to request your current suppliers service charge.

Once I have this, I’ll be able to go to my suppliers and ask them to beat their rate. Providing they do so, I’ll compare the difference and ask you if you’re happy to switch for X saving.

Here’s an example of my letter of authority; Hamed Water LOA Lvl 2

water tap

What I need?

If you’d like my help with your water, get in touch with me and let me know who your current supplier is – 0208 050 5456 or hamed@hamed.energy