Supplier Updates For Energy Brokers & Consultants

Last updated: 14/06/2021

British Gas – New Product: British Gas Plus – 14/06/2021

We’re excited to announce that you can now offer your clients British Gas Plus.

This is a new streamlined, fixed term, fixed price, 100% renewable energy product created by British Gas for half-hourly businesses.

With competitive 1 to 3 year fixed term contracts, which can be agreed 12 months in advance, now’s the perfect time to check which are the best tariffs for your clients.

Who is British Gas Plus suitable for?

Clients who:

  • Have multiple sites
  • Use half-hourly meters
  • Use up to 3 GW consumption
  • Want to access their account online
  • Are conscious of their green footprint and CSR

EDF – December Gas Bonus – 27/11/2020

edf logo

EDF Gas Aquisition Incentive!

Dear Brokers,
EDF have announced a new Gas incentive starts on Monday 23rd November running until December 20th.
A one off payment on meters over 20,000kWh+ Gas Acquisition Broker Sales:

  • 20,000 – 39,999  kWh = £50 per Meter
  • 40,000 – 74,999 kWh = £100 per Meter
  • 75,000+ kWh = £150 per Meter

How it works?

  • You will receive a full bonus payment within a week of your initial commission payment
  • A clawback will be applied if the contract is subsequently cancelled

Scottish Power – Change In Credit Policy – 27/11/2020

scottish power logoScottish Power have announced a changes to their credit policy. Therefore with immediate effect, the following will apply to all new business:

  • Credit score for acquisitions remains as 26 for most types of businesses, however for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & Takeaways is now 45.
  • The score of 45 will also apply to business types such as, Hotels & Accommodation, Licensed Restaurants, Unlicensed Restaurants and Cafes, Events & Catering activity, Takeaway Food shops & Mobile Food stands
  • No change to Quarterly Direct Debit credit score at 81
  • The credit requirement for Renewals has not changed.

Haven Power – Sole Traders Blocked – 27/11/2020

haven power logo

Haven have announced they have pulled back from Acquisition sales for Sole Traders with immediate effect & for the foreseeable future.

Mandatory Email – 28/10/2020

With many suppliers moving away from paper billing to online ( or e-billing as a greener option we are noticing that most suppliers are now moving towards a valid customer email address being a mandatory requirement.

The following suppliers now have a mandatory requirement for a valid email address as follows; British Gas & British Gas LiteCNGEngieNpowerSmartest EnergyOpusAvantiScottish PowerGazprom and Eon.

British Gas – Backlog – 28/10/2020


British Gas have confirmed that there is currently a backlog of cases and are therefore experiencing a delay in response times.

British Gas will prioritise requests focusing on the oldest work first to try and clear requests, but please bare this in mind when processing new requests.

British Gas – Takeover From Robinhood Energy – 28/10/2020


British Gas have announced some important information about customer’s who are transferring from Robin Hood Energy.

When contracting customer’s who are currently supplied by Robin Hood Energy, please do not submit as an acquisition, submit as a Renewal contract.

When submitting the sale for these customers, please can a comment be added to the sale confirming Robin Hood Energy are the current supplier. This is to ensure the sale is submitted correctly.

Please also encourage all customers to complete the welcome email to join British Gas, so they can ensure a quicker transfer. Customer’s should have already been automatically switched after the 16th October.

Gazprom – Not Accepting Certain Industries – 23/10/2020

gazprom logo

We previously announced that we are restricting gas and electricity acquisition sales within several high-risk industry sectors. During this time of uncertainty, we’re continuing to take the necessary precautions to protect our business and have made the decision to add additional industry sectors to this list, as below;

  • Automotive
  • Hotels, restaurants & bars
  • Pubs & takeaways
  • Sports clubs
  • Transportation & travel
  • Museums
  • Theatres
  • Fair & amusement parks
  • Indoor wellbeing, such as gyms
  • Indoor sporting venues

Opus – Increased Credit Score Thresholds – 21/10/2020

opus energy logo

Opus Energy have announced its temporary focus for the remainder of 2020 is on managing and helping existing customers, and efficiently on-boarding new customers.  This is due to the challenging economic conditions for businesses as a result of the global pandemic.

Therefore, Opus Energy is increasing its credit score thresholds, introducing additional checks for new business and renewals

British Gas Lite – New Half Hourly Product – 09/10/2020


British Gas Lite have launched a new Half Hourly matrix product with a maximum consumption threshold of up to 3gWh.

Min Consumption – 0
Max Consumption – 3000000
Max Uplift – 1.5p
Min days – 8
Max days – 365
12-36 month terms

EON – Late Payment Charges – 07/10/2020


“Over recent months, we have seen a number of our customers fail to pay their invoices within their contracted payment term.  Upon engagement with customers who have fallen in to arrears, we have offered multiple payment plans, payment holidays and other methods that support them during these unprecedented times.

There are a number of customers who continue to fail to pay their invoices, or engage with us on ways to clear their overdue balance.

Moving forward, all Mid/Large Business customers who do not pay their invoice on time, contact E.ON to dispute the invoice, or speak to us to discuss their outstanding balance, will have  late payment charges applied to their account, as per our Term’s & Conditions (clause 5.12 for reference).

The key to avoiding these charges is either for the customer to pay on time, or for you/them to contact us to discuss the reason that payment cannot not be made within their credit terms.

Please make sure that your customers are aware that they need to speak to us prior to withholding payment.”

Opus – Direct Debit Requirement – 07/10/2020

opus energy logo

Opus Energy have announced that they will require confirmation of Direct Debit details for all Acquisition & Renewal contract submissions.

British Gas – Lower Credit Requirements – 07/10/2020


British Gas have announced some positive new changes to their credit policy.

– They will be moving to a lower credit score pass rate, which has not yet been disclosed. A further update will be sent once the score has been confirmed.
– They will now be accepting Bars and Restaurants as acquisitions as well as renewals
– Direct Debit is still the only payment term accepted, however British Gas may look at this on a case by case basis for larger customers

British Gas have advised submitting all sales regardless of the score to allow BG to credit check their end and make a decision.

EDF – Blocking Non-Contractual Third Parties – 14/09/2020

edf logo

EDF will no longer be accepting communications from third parties and brokers who do not have a contractual agreement with them.

British Gas Lite – Updated Lite Gas – 09/09/2020


BG Lite Gas have announced new Gas prices.

– The selling window is 12 months, but the maximum contract period is 3 years
– Maximum consumption is 73,199 kWh
– British Gas Lite will currently be unable to accept Gas customers who are with British Gas Business
– The maximum uplift is 1p

List of Suppliers Who Are NOT Accepting Acquisition Sales – Hospitality Sector – 09/09/2020

Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19 several suppliers are not accepting any acquisition sales for hospitality companies at the moment. The suppliers who wouldn’t accept these kinds of businesses are Crown, AvantiGas if the CSD is before Jan 2021, EON, EDF, Opus, British Gas, Total Gas & Power, Gazprom, and Dual Energy at the moment. Please see below a breakdown of the suppliers,

Crown Gas – Doesn’t accept pubs, clubs, takeaways, or linen companies, CSD before 18th August needs to be bespoke. They can accept contracts that have a Contract Start Date after the 18th of August.

Avanti Gas – are not accepting pubs, clubs, and hotels if the CSD is before January 2021,

EDF – accept renewals. However, they do not accept hospitality for acquisitions.

EON – Not accepting hospitality for acquisitions – renewals are fine

Opus – Not accepting hospitality for acquisitions – renewals are fine

BGB – Not accepting pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants (including café/coffee shops) – they will, however, accept takeaways for acquisitions – renewals are fine,

BGlite – Accept renewal and acquisition contracts EXCEPT for pubs and bars.

TGP – Only accept renewal contracts. However, they do Not accept hospitality for acquisitions.

Gazprom – Only accept renewal contracts. However, they do Not accept hospitality for acquisitions.

Dual Energy – Only accept renewal contracts. However, they do Not accept hospitality for acquisitions.

Npower – Only accept renewal contracts.

List of Suppliers Who Are ACCEPTING Acquisition Sales – Hospitality Sector – 25/08/2020

Scottish Power – Accepts both renewal and acquisition for any sectors.

CNG – Accepts both renewal and acquisition for any sectors.

SSE – Accepts both renewal and acquisition for any sectors. However, the premium is needed for hospitality – 1.5 for elec on all unit rates and for the gas 0.3 needs adding to the unit rate,

British Gas – Updated Change Of Tenancy Requirements – 24/08/2020


British Gas has provided an updated Change of Tenancy form which is to be used with immediate effect. The COT form has additional fields that are now mandatory and requires a signature from the customer and to be accompanied by a supporting email from the customer verifying the Change of Tenancy.

British Gas has also advised that they will require proof of the Change Of Tenancy if the business fulfills any of the below criteria, disconnected / de-energized meter within the last 12 months.

Objection received within the last 3 months Contract agreed within the last 3 months for a 24-month term or longer Significant or aged debt or suspicion of fraudulent activity where proof of the COT is required, if this is not provided within 10 working days the COT will be rejected and closed.

Opus Energy – Contract Terms – 04/08/2020

opus energy logo

Opus Energy will no longer be offering Gas prices for 3 & 4 Year terms.

SSE – Letter of Authority Guidelines – 04/08/2020

sse logo

SSE have released new guidelines on their requirements for Letters of Authority. These are effective immediately.

All letters of Authority are now required to show the below information:

  • Customer name
  • Consultant/TPI name
  • A start date (within the last 12 months)
  • End date of LOA (if this is left blank they’ll put in the contract end date as the LOA end date)
  • The actions (authority levels) the LOA allows the Managing Agent/TPI to perform
  • Contact name and job title
  • Contact signature (e-signature accepted)
  • Contact telephone number and email address (if not on the LOA we require this information to include in body of email)
  • Company Reg/Charity number (Limited companies only)
  • For group accounts, you must provide an appendix stating the customers and MPANs/MPRNs managed

In addition to the above, SSE has advised that they no longer require LOAs on letter-headed paper.

EON -Hospitality Sector – 04/08/2020

total gas and power

TGP has now agreed that they will accept any other sectors other than restaurants, pubs, bars. Travel, Leisure sectors credit score > 60, and they have also reduced the credit score threshold back to 30 from the increased 45 set a few months back.

EON – Contract Requirments – 20/07/2020

Eon is requesting that to pay extra attention to contract pad population/verbal contracts and have provided a list of checks which are made by Eon when auditing contracts. Brokers and Consultants need to ensure all are fully compliant otherwise this causes contracts to be canceled down. And customers to be left out of contract and your commissions clawed back or not paid.

Example contract is below:

1. Broker section – Broker name, Broker ref number, Broker company name, and Sub broker company name must be filled out (Broker ref number – PG0436).

2. Business type –  Reg number included if the business is LTD or a Charity

3. Company business details – Business name, Telephone, business address, billing address, supply address, must be filled out

4. Director/ owner home address – mandatory for AQC sales

5. Meter and usage – MPAN/MPRN, Usage, CSD, must be filled out

6. Plan – Plan name, Term, Meter type, Prices/ Rates must be filled out

7. Payment method – the exact method the customer agrees to pay must be ticked (if the customer agrees to variable DD but they continue current payment method box is ticked this will be rejected) – (also DD mandate is required if the payment method is not cash/cheque or continue current method)

8. Declaration – Incentive offer mus

British Gas Lite – Contract Requirements – 08/07/2020


British Gas Lite have announced that they will now accept customers with Gas meters.

  • Please see below information on this product, – The selling window is 12 months, but the maximum contract period is 3 years
    Maximum consumption is 73,199 kWh
    British Gas Lite will currently be unable to accept Gas customers who are with British Gas Business

EDF – Hospitality Sector – 01/07/2020

edf logo

As of today EDF will only accept Acquisition & Renewal contracts for customers in the hospitality & Leisure sector, with a Experian credit score of 75 or above.

Businesses that require a 75 + Experian score are:

Restaurants, Takeaways, Bars, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, Wine Bars, Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Hostels, Camp Sites, Caravan Sites, Catering Contractors, Bowling Alleys, Dance Halls, Event Caterer, Event Organiser, Event Promoter, Indoor Play Centres, Leisure Centres, Sports & Social Clubs, Snooker Clubs, Public Halls, Village Halls, Holiday Camps, Recreation & Entertainment, Tea Rooms, Theatres & Museums.

EON – Covid-19 Contract Restrictions

As part of our ongoing monitoring of the impacts of Covid-19 we will be applying the following further restrictions:

From the Tuesday 30th June 2020 the following business types are restricted and will no longer be accepted :

  • Manufacture of motor vehicles Manufacture of basic metals Air and water transport

This is in addition to the brief that we sent on the 12th June 2020 which restricted the following business types:

  • Accommodation and Food Service- such as hotels, restaurants, takeaways, cafes and coffee shops Arts,
  • Entertainment and Recreation such as pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres and Gyms
  • Retail excluding Food- such as high street shops, Department stores.

Mandatory Direct Debit for any non-restricted acquisitions Any acquisition that is submitted from this date that falls within the above categories will be rejected and commission will not be paid. Inline with the price change effective tomorrow 30th June 2020 we will be removing our 4 year product for both Gas and Power.

British Gas – Monthly Billing – 25/06/2020


British Gas have announced that from the 22nd June, all customers with a Smart meter will be moved onto monthly billing.

A letter will be sent out to the customer 4 weeks prior to the billing frequency change.  

Please be aware, that the option for quarterly billing will no longer be available for new sales.

This change will impact all SME customers with a Smart meter first, however all customers currently paying quarterly will eventually be moved onto monthly billing also.

British Gas Lite – Submission Of VAT Declaration- 25/06/2020


British Gas Lite has announced that all VAT requests can now be logged directly by the customer. British Gas Lite will no longer be accepting these requests via TPI’s.

Gazprom – No Bespoke Quotes- 24/06/2020

gazprom logo

As of Monday 22 June, Gazprom will no longer be producing bespoke quotes for new business electricity contracts, until further notice.

Haven Power – Business Types Restriction – 24/06/2020

haven power logo

Restricting a range of business types from Pubs, etc to Manufacturing.

Total GP – No Contracts Signed Via Level 2 LOA – 15/06/2020

total gas and power

Total Gas and Power will no longer be accepting contracts signed along with a Level 2 LOA.
The only contract types that will be accepted are, Docusign and Verbal contracts agreed by the customer. This is with immediate effect, therefore any contracts that do not meet these requirements will be returned. Please be aware that Level 2 LOA’s will still be accepted for information requests.

British Gas – No Pubs, Clubs, Bars & Restaurants – 05/06/2020


Due to the current Covid-19 crisis and the impact on certain business types, we are no longer accepting acquisition contracts for pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants (including café/coffee shops) from Monday 8th June 2020. British Gas has over four thousand bars & restaurant customers, many of which have looked to us for additional support over the last three months. We know this is an extremely tough time for the industry however, as a result of the additional support we’re already giving, we’re unable to take on new customers in similar circumstances for now. The restrictions apply to new acquisitions where we do not already have a relationship with the customer. If a customer has an existing relationship with us and wants to bring an additional site over, we will accept the sale subject to a standard credit check carried out by British Gas.

British Gas – Renewable Energy – 04/06/2020


British Gas have made the below changes with immediate effect,
  • Renewable energy will now only be offered to customer’s for Bespoke sales and no longer for sales sold via SME.
  • The consumption threshold has increased from 50,000KWh to 100,000 KW.
  • The customer can have one meter consuming 100,000KWh or a collection of meters meeting the threshold.
  • British Gas will send the renewable certificate within 3 months of the sale agreed date via email.

Npower – No New Business – 28/05/2020

npower logo

Npower will be rolling out Phase 2 of the takeover by EON.

• No New business contracts

• Remaining open for Npower renewals

• 12 month renewal window

EDF – Hospitality Sector – 21/05/2020

edf logo

EDF will no longer be accepting acquisitions from the hospitality sector.

British Gas – Charity Commission Cap – 04/03/2020


British Gas will now be capping commission on registered Charities.

The new uplifts will be 2p for Electricity and 1p for Gas across all terms

Please ensure you are taking this into consideration when selecting uplift for Registered Charities. If you select a higher uplift than 2p for Electricity and 1p for Gas, the contract commission amount will only be paid to 2p for Electricity and 1p for Gas.

We are contesting this change but this is an immediate adjustment and if you do sell a contract over the above caps we will submit the contract however it may be rejected and we may require the contract to be re-priced on the correct uplift.

British Gas Lite – No Pubs, Clubs, Bars & Restaurents – 21/01/2020



British Gas Lite will no longer accept contracts for the below business types;

– Bars
– Pubs 
– Clubs 
– Restaurants