July Prices Update

Prices Update as of 7th of July

Prices generally change on a month to month basis unless something major happens in the world of currency or oil. The month of July has seen the average prices of electricity going up and the average prices of gas going down.

In previous months, March – June, we saw prices fall but now that looks set to be back up on the rise.

I’ll update this with percentages once all the suppliers release their prices.

If you need anymore info just get hold of me on me@hamedadefuwa.co.uk

Energy Suppliers order generic propecia online Updated So Far

Corona Energy 1.7% electricity decrease & 2.7% gas decrease.

British Gas – electricity increase & gas decrease (% unknown).

EON – 2% electricity increase & 0.5% gas increase.

Scottish Power – 1.43% electricity increase & 3.25% gas increase.

Crown Gas – 3.2% electricity & gas increase.

Gazprom – 1% electricity & gas increase.

Total Gas & Power – 0.08% electricity & gas increase.

Dual Energy – electricity & gas increase – no %’s released.

Npower – no increase/decrease information released, just indicated prices have changed.