Hospitality Sector Rejected By Energy Suppliers

There is an increasing number of UK energy suppliers restricting their services to companies in the hospitality sector. It seems like every week I’m getting an update that X supplier won’t be offering any contracts to new customers within the hospitality industry. I get that among small takeaways, change of tenancies occur often. What I don’t get is why block the whole sector? Couldn’t this be done by credit checking? or refusing to take on sole-traders within the sector?

I feel sorry for these businesses, they’ve been smacked in the teeth from Coronavirus lockdown and now they’ll have to pay more for their energy.

List of Suppliers

The following suppliers do not accept some or most businesses from the hospitality sector;


If you submit an acquisitions contract for any of the below Business Types, Eon will reject the sale.

  • Accommodation and Food Service- such as hotels, restaurants, takeaways, cafes and coffee shops
  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation such as pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres, and Gyms
  • Retail excluding Food- such as high street xanax online shops, Department stores.

Note: Eon is accepting Renewals for all business types.

British Gas
Dual Energy