Hamed Daily #4 – Most Phones Are Unmanned On The Weekends

Hello, guys, this is a new thing for me and I really appreciate you reading this. I intend with these posts to document everything that happens in my work day and walk you through my day. I’m hopeful that with this, it will enable more people to understand what energy consultants do after they put the phone down and also a bit more about how the industry works.

As I’m not attached to any company or supplier, I have the ability to be neutral. I am hopeful that by showing everyone my way of working I will be given the opportunity by you, to organise your friends & families business energy contracts.

Please note all customers mentioned in this are real however their names have been changed in order to protect their identity. If you happen to read about yourself and are happy to be named then I can do so and will also attach your business information to your name.

Let The Day Begin – 10/09/2016

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In a bid to increase my work ethic and take my client base to a new level – I’ve now started working weekends. I have often been asked by certain clients to call them on the weekend, as that’s when they’re free. I’ve always been reluctant, mainly because I want to have a good work/life balance. What I’ve decided to do is work from 9am to midday on Saturday. I’m not sure how it will go down, or how many people I’ll wake up but it should be interesting.

Poor Mr Ali

I pulled myself out of bed at 9am, watched a bit of Manchester United pre-game nonsense and then got ready. Started calling businesses at 10:30am, low and behold; I woke up Mr Ali, who funnily enough was interested in what I had to say, we had a quick 2/3 minute conversation and he’s happy for me to call back closer to when his contract finishes.

I then called Kulvinder who wasn’t impressed. To be fair to him, I’d never spoken to him before so I wasn’t expecting a warm welcome. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have any of it so we had to end the conversation.

Five phone calls later, and no answers I started to realise I might have to get used to the fact most phones are unmanned on the weekends.

Aisha Gave Me A Lot Of Optimism About Saturdays

Aisha came to mind as a good solution to the unanswered phones problem. I’ve been calling her for two weeks now. Yesterday she whatsapped me a signed letter of authority and asked me to refresh some prices for her. I sent her up to date prices yesterday and decided to give her a call today. Usually, she never answers but this morning she did.

I had sent her five prices, a combination of one and two-year prices. I personally do not recommend entering into a contract longer than a year for the electricity. The prices are just too high at the moment thanks to all this Brexit speculation.

Thankfully Aisha agreed and we switched her to Scottish Power for a year.

Manchester United

I then processed the contract and sent everything through to Scottish Power. That took me up to 12.30, and the Manchester derby commenced.

2 hours later, Manchester United, lost.