Energy Suppliers Ranked – SME UK Business – Best & Worst

Here I rank all the business energy suppliers I interact with in my job as an Small-to-Medium Business Energy Broker. The main criteria used in this list is my personal feelings, thus this is obviously subjective. I do however have some criteria outlined below.

Top 10

  1. Scottish Power
  2. CNG
  3. British Gas Lite
  4. EDF
  5. SSE
  6. British Gas
  7. Npower
  8. Crown Gas & Power
  9. EON
  10. Gazprom

Suppliers appear to be heading further towards abandoning customers and this seems to be ramping up. Thus this list may need updating from time to time as many suppliers introduce more and more crazy policies.

Last updated: 17/07/2020

My Criteria

  • Cheap prices
  • Ethical practices
  • Ease of contact
  • Problem solving

My Comments On Each Supplier

scottish power logoScottish Power

Scottish Power is part of Iberdrola, a Spanish private multinational electric utility company based in Bilbao, Basque Country. As well as being one of the top UK retailers with 5.2 million customers, Scottish Power is a distribution Network for energy across the UK with the aim of becoming the UK’s leading network operator. Scottish Power is currently the UK’s largest developer of onshore wind farms with over 30 wind farms.

Cheap Prices

Scottish Power are consistently the cheapest supplier for so many of my quotes. Around 7 out of 10 quotes, they are in the top three prices for each meter.

Ethical Practices

Scottish Power are one of the only energy suppliers that I couldn’t criticise for their practices. They don’t automatically roll over customers, termination is accepted, transfers are not blocked without reason and they allow customers to pay via all payment methods. Probably the best ethical practise of Scottish Powers is that their energy is green, 100% renewable.

sp green energyEase of Contact

Scottish Power can be contacted easily by phone, email, social media and online chat. This might sound trivial but hardly any suppliers in the UK are this open for customers to communicate with. They respond via twitter and web chat literally within minutes.

Problem Solving

I deal with complaints weekly, due to their large customer base, many revolve around the Big 6. Scottish Power are among the best at dealing with complaints – resolving all of my complaints with them except one (sorry Perry). Their customer service agents are nice and all call centre agents I’ve dealt with are native English speakers. Scottish Power have made opening complaints super easy and emails are responded to very quickly from staff assuring you they have passed on your complaint to the relevant department.

cng logoCNG

Established in 1994 following the deregulation of the UK gas industry, CNG pride themselves on Excellent Customer Services and is enjoying an ever-growing portfolio of satisfied commercial customers. CNG are now the largest independent shipper of Gas in the UK.

Cheap Prices

CNG only offer gas and that works to their advantage. Their gas prices are phenomenal. They often offer 0p standing charges with most of their contracts.

Ethical Practices

Up until recently CNG’s practices were perfect, their customer service is great and they don’t have any dodgy practices. However, they recently introduced a crazy policy whereby they refuse to interact with anyone other than the customer and their own “managed” brokers, even if that person has been given authority to interact on the businesses behalf. This is something newly introduced during the coronavirus pandemic and I can only imagine that its a sign of bad things to come.

Ease of Contact

Customers can contact CNG with ease, via telephone and email. They respond very fast to emails. However, as mentioned above, the fact they now only operate with “managed” brokers, this makes contact from someone like myself, impossible. All customer service agents are within the UK which makes communications better.

Problem Solving

I’ve had very little issues arise with CNG. They’re customer service is great and any problems I’ve had with them have been resolved quickly. As mentioned above, they respond very fast to emails. However, the fact they now only operate with “managed” brokers, this makes contact from someone like myself, impossible.

british-gas-liteBritish Gas Lite

British Gas is one of the largest and most recognizable suppliers of gas and electricity in the UK, with over 950,000 customers. British Gas Lite is treated as a separate product to the standard British Gas product, as there is only online support offered, but the product offers competitive rates in comparison to the original British Gas product.

Cheap Prices

British Gas introduced ‘Lite’ in order to offer cheaper prices at a reduced service. Thus if cheap prices is what you’re after, British Gas Lite is a great option. They’re consistently the cheapest.

Ethical Practices

British Gas Lite are ethical, kind of. The product was designed to be a cheap, reduced service from British Gas. Customers can only contact British Gas Lite via their online web chat. There is no one to write email to or phone up. This isn’t exactly unethical as its sold as a budget version of the full-package ‘British Gas’.  However customers often feel annoyed when issues arise, especially since the British Gas Lite webchat is often down. They don’t roll over contracts and they don’t make it difficult for customers to leave (except in one case.) Their out of contract tariffs aren’t extreme like some others.

Annoyingly even after a customer agrees a lower rate, British Gas will send emails with higher renewal rates. Thankfully no customers of mine have fallen for it – yet!

The one case in which they are extremely unethical is that they will block a new contract from switching when the customer renews with them from ‘British Gas Lite’ to ‘British Gas’. This is madness since they are the same company, however they are treating them as separate entities. They require the customer to submit termination to ‘British Gas Lite’ first and then sign up with ‘British Gas.’ For the first year that they introduced their ‘Lite’ product, this was not the case, which points to very unethical behaviour on their part.

British Gas Lite also prevent brokers from submitting VAT declaration certificates on behalf of customers, even if the customer has signed it. They claim its quicker for the customer to do it themselves. They’re making customers jump through hoops.

Ease of Contact

As mentioned above, its not great. The only way to contact them by logging into your account online and using the webchat.

Again, I repeat, it was intended to be like this.

Problem Solving

Due to the difficulty of contact, problem solving is terrible. It’s horrendous. As a broker, I can do next to nothing to assist my customers. They know its bad, that’s why their complaint process is front and centre on their ‘Contact Us‘ page.

They state;

“Ask our webchat team to put you in touch with a manager. We’ll let you know we’ve received your complaint within 24 hours and get back to you within 10 working days.”

You can find more information on them here;

edf logoEDF

EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity. By volume, it is the biggest supplier of electricity in Great Britain, as well as the largest supplier to British businesses.

Cheap Prices

EDF are hardly ever the cheapest but they are consistently in the top three. Their standing charges are a standard 25p per day.

Ethical Practices

EDF are good to their customers, with no contract rollovers. They don’t have crazy high out of contract prices and I haven’t experienced any issues in customers joining or leaving EDF.
One issue that I must highlight is their strong policies against the type of businesses they will accept. It’s their provocative but I dislike suppliers limiting the market, especially the large ones that could clearly manage ‘difficult’ customers with ease.

EDF won’t accept any new customers from within the hospitality sector.

They consistently proclaim that their electricity is ‘low carbon’, which sounds like renewable energy but it’s definitely not. EDF are a nuclear power company and that’s where they generate much of their energy. Make of that what you will.

Ease of Contact

EDF are great to contact. Customers can contact them with ease via telephone, email and webchat. I often contact EDF via webchat.

Problem Solving

I’ve had a fair few issues with EDF but they solve them generally very quickly and usually via webchat. I have no complaints about EDF’s complaint handling. All customer service agents are from the UK and speak fluent English which is nice.

sse logoSSE

SSE is the second largest supplier in the UK with over 9 million customers and has been awarded the top supplier for the year in Datamonitors overall supplier to SME users. SSE takes pride in being the largest generator of Renewable Resources. SSE have now been acquired by OVO Energy.

Cheap Prices

SSE prices are rarely the cheapest for the type of customer base I work with (small businesses.) On the flip side, when it comes to the larger corporate meters, SSE prices are consistently cheapest or at least top three.

Ethical Practices

SSE’s practices are at best, questionable. They don’t roll contracts over after they end which is nice. They don’t place limits on type of business they accept which is great. Contract acceptance is based on credit only, which is good.

SSE do not accept businesses who have domestic meters, which isn’t great. That excludes many thousands of businesses. They also do not accept Independent Gas Transporters (IGT) meters.

Probably the most controversial thing SSE does is they quote prices which exclude an additional Feed in Tariff (FiT). Almost all energy suppliers in the UK include this tariff in their rates. SSE however do not. The FiT is usually 0.6p per kwh.

They also have a £40 a year charge for customers with an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meter. No other supplier charges this and most businesses don’t even know they an AMR meter. Even myself as a broker, I have no way of knowing until SSE says they do.

SSE do not accept non-direct debit payments which is also not great.

Ease of Contact

SSE are ok to contact, with phone lines and email available. Their social media team is not the easiest to deal with and no online webchat available.

They do allow brokers to create an online account with them, and then upload authority letters and access their clients account, which is a game changer for a broker.

Problem Solving

I’ve unfortunately had the unpleasant experience of dealing with SSE’s complaints team many times. They’re not great. They are all English speaking which is nice, but in my ten or so complaints I’ve dealt with, I’ve found SSE’s complaints staff to be very aggressive and undermining. The customer service agents, thankfully are much nicer.

british gas logoBritish Gas

British Gas (Not Lite) is the largest and most recognisable suppliers of gas and electricity in the UK, with over 950,000 customers. British Gas is the UK leading energy Home Services provider.

Cheap Prices

British Gas prior to the introduction of their Lite product, were consistently the cheapest. Since Lite was introduced, British Gas standard prices have increased a lot. Very rarely are British Gas in the top 5 cheapest suppliers. Their prices are expensive now.

Ethical Practices

British Gas often get a bad rep since they are so large that most people have had some sort of interaction with them. I can only speak of them post 2014, which is my experience with them. They generally speaking have many practices that most suppliers don’t.

They offer a 30 day backdate for customers who end up on out of contract prices. This used to be an unlimited backdate, but they’ve now limited it. They accept domestic meters as long as the customer can provide proof they are a business. British Gas also accept related meters and also offer customers with multiple meters can have their termination dates aligned together (known as co-terminus end dates).

In terms of unethical practices, British Gas are well known to undercut their brokers and treat them badly. They will often call a brokers clients and offer them an expensive contract many months before the contract was due to end. Not great.

They do not accept cash & cheque options anymore, which is terrible for many customers. I never understand why large suppliers would refuse cash/cheque/bacs payments. Many businesses prefer to pay on receipt of bill and not via direct debit, especially those with multiple sites. They’ve also rolled back their renewable energy offer and now only offer it to select businesses.

Ease of Contact

British Gas used to be easy to contact but now even their main standard service have scaled back communication. They don’t support email communication anymore. They are easily contactable on twitter and their twitter team is fantastic. Contacting them by phone is doable but painful, many of their customer service agents are foreign based and English can be a challenge.

Problem Solving

British Gas are slow to deal with issues but they do always deal with them. I very rarely have to get the Ombudsman involved. Getting to their complaints team is difficult and painful but once you’re with them, they are great. The Complaints Mangers know what they are doing.

npower logoNpower

Npower is one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers, with a customer base of 300,000 customers. Npower are now majority owned by E.ON.

Cheap Prices

Npower are not cheap. In fact they’re often very expensive. I don’t think anyone thinks of Npower and thinks cheap prices. Broken clocks are right twice a day and sometimes Npower do come up cheap and when they do, I recommend them – for reasons below.

Ethical Practices

Npower have a terrible reputations. I can understand why it is justified but I have a slightly different take. Npower allow all business types and their credit policy is very lenient and transparent. They allow all businesses with a credit score of 35+. They will supply Independent Gas Transport (IGT) meters. They also accept Cash/Cheque payments, however they do charge a 5% premium for that. I’m just glad all of the above are options. Businesses need options.

There is no automatic rollover, they accept termination on time and don’t play any tactics in that regard.

Probably the best thing I really like about them is that Churches and Charities are not credit checked, neither are renewal contracts. This is a game changer and very contrary to the rest of the industry.

There is a strong argument made about Npower cutting back jobs by thousands, consistently. My position on this is tainted by my former boss detailing to me what it was like for him running the Npower sales department and the sheer amount of waste the company had. I remember back in 2016 when they had job cuts and my boss mentioned he was expecting a lot more. He wasn’t wrong, years later and they’ve had another 5000+ job cuts.

My one major criticism of Npower, and its a big one, is their debt handling. They have literally thousands of businesses on their books in thousands of pounds worth of debt. The customers debt levels means that they will need payment plans to pay them off. Those customers then are put onto high tariffs with Npower, which are way above market prices. The higher tariff leads to more debt.

npower guardian debtEase of Contact

Npower are super easy to contact. They pick up the phone quickly and they respond to emails in likewise a speed fashion. Npower’s social media team is fantastic and always active online.

npower twitterProblem Solving

Npowers customer service might be hated by most, but I love their ability to deal with issues. I’ve had A LOT of issues with Npower over the years. I would estimate over 30 complaints, with probably 90% of them being resolved easily and quickly.

crown gas logoCrown Gas & Power

Crown Gas & Power is the energy division of Crown Oil Ltd with over 60 years of experience supplying gas to businesses.

Cheap Prices

For many years Crown Gas & Power were my go-to supplier for gas prices. They always have cheap prices but now other suppliers like CNG have come and beaten them in prices. I do still put my customers with Crown GP occasionally but they are not as competitive as they once were.

Ethical Practices

Crown will install a free gas AMR meter if the customer wants one, which is nice. They do accept BACS and Direct Debits, which I really respect. I hate the fact that large suppliers, 10x the size of Crown GP, refuse BACS payments. They do also outline their minimum credit score requirements which is 30 with Experian. I like when suppliers are transparent.

Crown however, do not backdate contracts for customers who are on out of contract rates, which isn’t great. They also don’t accept pubs, clubs or takeaways – just like many other suppliers these days. (They will accept all businesses via bespoke pricing.)

I haven’t had any success getting IGT meters with Crown Gas & Power, however I have had it confirmed to me that they do accept IGT meters.

All of the above is fairly trivial and I can live with. However one of the main reasons that Crown Gas & Power is so low on my list of energy suppliers in the UK is their archaic system of automatically rolling over businesses at the end of their contracts.

Crown Gas & Power State;

If the Customer does not wish to enter into a Renewal Contract, the Customer must give Crown Gas & Power the Relevant Notice to Terminate the contract at the end of the Supply Period. Where the Customer does not serve the Relevant Notice the Contract will automatically renew for a period of 12 months.

I did have someone from Crown reach out to me regarding the rollovers, who said;

We appreciate your feedback on the automatic rolling over of contracts, however we do this so that customers are not left on out of contract rates for months (sometimes years) on end. It also means we can accurately purchase the gas for the customer’s usage therefore securing more competitive wholesale prices for everybody, and it means we can continue to pay broker commissions without risk of clawbacks.

I did respond back to this stating that I completely understand it from a short term business perspective but from a long term branding perspective, customers want freedom. Many other suppliers will place customers onto fixed 12 month prices that are 30% higher than in contract rates but the customer is free to switch whenever they want.

Alongside this, they require non-micro businesses to terminate 60 days before end date, instead of the typical 30 days. Many suppliers do this and I find it strange.

The above rollover policy is virtually unheard of nowadays and in my opinion, has no place in the Energy industry.

Ease of Contact

I haven’t contacted them via phone in a long time but their google reviews are full of praise about their speed at handling phone calls. Social media I haven’t tried so I can’t comment. Contacting them via email is good, they respond usually in a day or two and their staff are helpful.

Problem Solving

I haven’t had any problems with Crown Gas & Power – so make of that what you will. Probably a good thing.


I completely respect and appreciate the fact that one of their staff wrote to me to explain some things and also challenge some of my opinions about them. I’m going to make an active effort to do some more business with them and hopefully I can update this review with some more experiences.


E.on UK generate and supply electricity and gas for the UK’s homes and businesses, and are part of the largest investor owned power company (E.ON GROUP) in the world employing over 17,000 in the UK and 93,000 worldwide. Npower are now majority owned by E.ON.

Cheap Prices

EON’s electricity prices are very competitive for the meters they want, not the case for the meter’s they are disinterested in. Meters using a few thousand £’s a year in energy will get good electricity prices. Meters using £100-£1000 a year in electric, forget about it. Meters using £10,000+ a year, again forget about it.

I forget EON even supply gas most of the time, due to how expensive their gas prices are. If you’re with EON for your gas, any broker will save you 10%+ within 5 minutes.

Ethical Practices

A year ago, I’d have said EON are THE most ethical supplier in the UK. They are the front runners and creators of the Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice.

This TPI Code is fantastic, atleast in theory. Brokers who have signed up for it agree openly that they will behave ethically. They also agree to four principles;

  1. Accurate and complete
  2. Presented in a full and professional manner
  3. Understood by our customers
  4. Meets customer’s needs

These four principles are perfect and I don’t know one Broker that doesn’t agree to this. However very few follow it.

The worse thing about this Code is that it becomes a group of “chosen” and “accepted” brokers who have “agreed” to follow it. What this actually means is that Brokers apply to be accepted as part of it and EON have the right to accept or reject whoever they want. It’s a bit like me putting up a sign on my door – “Only good people allowed in.” Then you have to prove to me you’re good and whatever proof you bring, I can reject you. The sign may as well read “Only People I Accept”.

Where this gets really unethical is that TPI’s who have not been accepted by EON, have no right to contact EON about anything relating to their customers. This means that if a Broker, like myself, has been placing dozens of customers to EON over the last decade, I now have no recourse to access any of their information (bills, meter readings, contract terminations).

Guess what EON can do then? Contact all those customers and deal direct with them. I’m personally fine with that as business owners are smart enough to phone me up and let me know EON sales team are contacting them offering “early renewal deals”.

All of the above is why EON is ranked low on this list. If they fixed this “members only” mentality, they’d be a great supplier.


EON tpi emailEase of Contact

EON are easy to contact via all the normal methods and don’t make it difficult (except as mentioned for brokers) – unlike many suppliers. You can contact them easily via phone, email or twitter.

Problem Solving

I’ve had many issues with EON over the years and I’ve had to go to the Energy Ombudsman on numerous occasions. Things rarely go wrong with EON, they run a tight ship, however when they do, you can expect customer service agents and complaints managers to remind you that they are the experts and you are mistaken in your understanding on everything. Once the Ombudsman have gotten involved, problems are solved quickly so I can’t fault them on that. I’d just rather not take every small issue to the Ombudsman.

gazprom logoGazprom

Gazprom Energy operate in 3 countries and supply over 30,000+ industrial and commercial customers.They are easily recognisable to most football fans as they sponsored the UEFA Champions League for many years.

Cheap Prices

Gazprom are cheap as it relates to Gas. This is to be expected as they own some 23 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in Russia and accounts for 68 percent of Russia’s gas production. The company is the largest extractor of natural gas in the world.

If you need gas, you know where to go.

On the electric side, they’re not that great, often within the top 10 cheapest suppliers for me but very rarely in top 3. I usually don’t recommend them for electric.

Ethical Practices

The fact they are ‘Russian’ often has a lot of my customers joking about how unethical they must be. My experience is mixed.

Gazprom accept IGT meters and 01/02 profile class Domestic meters used as long as they are a business. Gazprom also offer backdates on contracts but only if they are at fault. They do not rollover customers who are micro-businesses thankfully. Their credit acceptance is fantastic, they will accept all businesses with a credit score of 26 Experian, as long as they don’t have CCJs. Renewals only need a score above 3 as well.

Gazprom don’t offer much by way of options for customers. They only offer Monthly Direct Debit payments. The only email bills and won’t post them out. For non-micro businesses, they require a 3 month termination notice and if not received, they will rollover customers for a further year – not good.

Gazprom no longer accept pubs, clubs and takeaways. Their change of tenancy requirements are really tough to meet and in my opinion unnecessary.

Ease of Contact

Gazprom are super difficult to contact. They seem to only want customers to contact them via their web form. Email responses are slow and often missed. Telephone, you can get through but it’s not a smooth process. Social media, as far as I’m aware is non-existent.

Problem Solving

I’ve had some problems over the years with Gazprom and although getting the problems resolved has been painful, they were always resolved. Again, mixed feelings on this one.

dual energy logoDual Energy

Established in 2009, Dual Energy is one of very few UK owned electricity supply companies. Having passed the new, more stringent Ofgem requirements for entry to the market, Dual Energy also has warranties and guarantees in place to ensure customers have certainty of supply. Dual Energy were recently acquired by SmartestEnergy.

Cheap Prices

Dual Energy are very cheap on their electric prices. Their electric prices are within the top 3 cheapest suppliers 90% of the time. For that alone, perhaps they should be higher up on my list. Their gas tariff is ok, I’d say fairly average.

Ethical Practices

I’ve had a lot of dealings with Dual Energy over the years and I’ve been less than impressed.

Lets start with the positives. Dual Energy no longer roll over customers for a further year (except for their 3 year smart-tracker product – more on that later), which is nice. They install smart meters for free for customers, usually within 3 months of them going live. They accept domestic 01/02 meters. Dual Energy will accept businesses from the Hospitality sector, providing they meet some conditions (Ltd company, trading more than 2 years and 35 credit score.) I’m definitely glad they are at least accepting them unlike other suppliers. However, they won’t accept leasehold pubs, restaurants or takeaways.

Now for the negatives. Dual Energy do not accept any payment method other than direct debit. They only email bills and do not provide paper bills. I believe they will charge £3.50 for a paper bill but I’ve had customers request it and it not be delivered, so not sure on that one. Dual Energy have a payment plan called “Budget Plans”, which is an absolute mess of a system. Customers bills are fixed at a budget plan given to them by Dual Energy based on the estimated annual consumption inputted by the Broker. This causes customers lots of issues since the inputted annual consumption is often inaccurate. A better way to do this would be to go off the previous suppliers estimates, which is what all other suppliers do. If the customer ends up using less than the usage Dual Energy expected, they sometimes charge an additional fee. They won’t discuss any billing or metering issues with any third parties and all issues will need to be discussed direct with the customer.

The worse part about Dual Energy is the “Dual Energy 3 Year SmartTracker Product”. This product is sold as a 3-year contract, however it is actually a 1-year fixed contract and then the second & third year tariff is decided at the beginning of the second & third years. This always leads to a huge spike in prices in the second and third year. Dual Energy give the customer a small window of 30 days to find a better price elsewhere, and if they do, they’ll match it. Basically, the whole product is fake. It’s sold as a 3 year deal for X rate. X rate only lasts 12 months and instead of the customer being free to leave, they must find a cheaper deal and get documentation of that deal that Dual Energy is happy with that its a genuine offer. Dual Energy often push back against the rates the customer found, claiming they are not genuine and often times the customer ends up on higher rates. Had that customer either entered into a 1 year contract or a 3 year contract elsewhere, they would have been in a far better situation. In my opinion, this is extremely unethical and the sole reason Dual Energy are so low on my list.

Ease of Contact

Dual Energy are easy to contact via telephone. Email is slow and painful. Social Media is non-existent. They have two tweets in the first 7 months of 2020.

Problem Solving

Ugh. Dual Energy and problems. I’ve had a lot of them with my customers. Some of the problems I’ve had with them were caused by very stupid decisions on behalf of the business owners. Even though the owner did make a mistake, Dual Energy are always ruthless. Talking to their staff is like talking to your headmaster in school. They talk down to you constantly and assume you know nothing. I experience that from other suppliers and I don’t mind that too much.

However, what I have a huge problem with is the way they treat customers who have nothing to do with the problem. I’ve had Dual Energy remove meters from buildings due to wrong readings from meter readers leading to high bills. Bounced Direct Debits have lead to huge issues. Dual Energy sending emails to customers whilst simultaneously calling them and saying something completely different.

It has been truly a terrible experience with their complaints team.

Opus Energy LogoOpus

Opus Energy Limited supplies gas and electricity to businesses across the United Kingdom. It purchases electricity from wind, solar, hydro, and anaerobic digestion generators, and provides support to develop energy-generating sites. Opus Energy were recently bought out by Drax Power.

Cheap Prices

Opus back in 2015-2017 were untouchable in terms of prices. Their prices are now are very different. They were recently bought out and I think the direction of the company has changed. The Opus Energy I knew used to actively compete to take customers from British Gas offering cheaper prices. Now, for me at least, Opus are often in the top 5 but rarely top 3.

Ethical Practices

Opus Energy no longer roll over contracts. They don’t have excluded business types, which I really appreciate. They accept IGT meters and also accept domestic 01/02 meters. They make corporate pricing super easy, which I’m very grateful for.

They have been providing all customers with 100% renewable energy, which is fantastic.

opus energy fuel mixOpus only offer Direct Debit payments. Opus are frustrating in that they do not allow any brokers to communicate with them unless the customer specifically emails them the letter of authority. This is not that bad but it makes working with Opus a pain the backside. They do not offer backdates for contracts.

Prices are also not fully fixed with Opus Energy. Their prices are subject to a review each April. The agreed rates will only change if the commodity aspect is outside of tolerance, in which case a pass- through charge would occur. This is absurd.

Ease of Contact

Opus aren’t easy to contact, every time I call I’m on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, usually 20-40 minutes. Likewise they have 0845 numbers which cost a lot of money for most customers. Their social media team is non-existent. Emails are slow.

Communication could be improved big time.

Problem Solving

Communication is a big part of problem solving and sadly it really makes the problem solving and complaints dealings with Opus a terrible pain. Even writing this gives me bad flashbacks. Simple problems that British Gas or Scottish Power can deal with in 2 days, takes Opus 2 weeks.

To be fair to them, they do always resolve my issues, it just takes a time.

haven power logoHaven

Haven Power launched in 2006, Haven Power only supplies electricity to SMEs. It was acquired by Drax Power Ltd in 2009. Haven Power and Opus Energy are now both part of the Drax Group.

Cheap Prices

I used to deal with Haven on a weekly basis back in 2016/2017. Their prices were fantastic. Things have changed since then and I now very rarely even remember Haven Power still exist. Prices for small business for Haven Power are very experience, literally never in the top 10 cheapest suppliers. They are more competitive for Medium to Large businesses, however still usually only reaching top 5 cheapest at best.

Ethical Practices

Compared to their sister company Opus Energy, Haven are far more ethical in their dealings.

Haven Power currently provide 15,000+ businesses in the UK with renewable energy. This does not mean however that all their energy is renewable. They currently provide 93% of their energy as renewable – still better than most suppliers.

haven power fuel mixHaven only accept Direct Debit payments for most businesses, except for larger businesses and multisite businesses which can pay via BACS. They do not accept Cash/Cheque payments. They will backdate customers but only as part of a bespoke offer and they do not rollover customers at the end of their contract.

The biggest flaw of Haven Power is that their prices are not actually fully fixed. There are ‘pass through elements’ within the contract which means that Haven can increase rates during the contract if their costs go up.

Ease of Contact

Haven are fairly difficult to contact. Phone calls are answered by native English speakers but slowly. They respond to emails slowly and their social media team, although posting regularly, aren’t active in customer support.

Problem Solving

I’ve only ever had one problem with Haven Power and it was resolved fairly quickly, no complaints from me on this one.

If Haven Power improved their prices, I’d happily use them a lot more.


total gas and powerTotal Gas & Power

Total Gas & Power is one of the leading energy suppliers to industrial, commercial and business customers within the UK. Part of the Total Group of businesses, Total Gas & Power is a market leader in the UK gas supply market and has been supplying electricity since 2001.

Total Gas & Power now supplies over 175,000 sites across all market sectors: small and medium businesses, large industrial and commercial companies, as well as the public service and non-profit organisations.

Cheap Prices

Total GP do have good prices when dealing with large usage sites. However, for standard businesses, their prices are very expensive. As most of my customers are average users, I very rarely do contracts with Total GP.

Ethical Practices

Total GP have possibly the worse policy I’ve ever experienced with any supplier – ever.

Customers who switch to Total Gas & Power and then during the transfer process, for what ever reason, the transfer fails, then the customer/business will be billed a ‘termination charge’.

This is beyond ridiculous since that customer or business was never a customer of Total GP. Likewise businesses fail to switch to new suppliers for a huge range of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the business. Likewise honest mistakes occur.

Breakdown of Charges

Domestic Meters (profile class 01 & 02): £300
Small Business Meters (profile class 03 & 04): £750
Large Business Meters (profile class 05 – 00): £1875-£3000+

Total GP will apply for the transfer twice, if not successful, send a letter with the fee amount. Then apply for a third time, if unsuccessful they will invoice the business.

They’ve also stated that if you want to avoid the fee, you can renegotiate a new contract on the condition you can get the contract live within 6 months.

Total GP expect the customer to pay the invoice within 10 days.

Minimum annual usage accepted is 5,000 kWh.

01/02 Meters are not accepted.

All contracts are to be done as Direct Debit. BACS payment can be accepted, however £20.00 plus VAT per invoice will apply.

Total Gas and Power offer a unique product, specifically aimed at supporting new businesses (trading less than 2 years) called Activate.

Backdates are not available.

Ease of Contact

I haven’t had to contact Total GP for a long time now but I never really had any issues with them. Their customer service team and their broker team are mostly native English speakers.

Problem Solving

When dealing with issues with Total GP throughout the years, I’ve had many issues, all of which have been solved thankfully, although rather slowly. Total GP usually assign an account manager to each broker, which really allows the broker to get issues resolved quickly. My account manager was full of enthusiasm and really good at his job.

engie logoEngie

ENGIE (formerly known as GDF SUEZ) is a leading energy group employing approximately 20,000 people in the UK. Their extensive capabilities are designed to serve both public and private organisations, including businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to the largest multinationals.

Cheap Prices

Engie are best suited for high usage meters, in particular ones that use over 100,000 kwhs per year. Prices for large meters are very competitive and I would gladly recommend them. They do offer quotes for less than 100,000 kwh meters but they are not competitive at all.

Ethical Practices

In terms of ethical practices I do not have any bad experiences with them although I have put very few contracts with them so my lack of bad experiences may be due to my lack of experience with them in general.

I know they do not accept domestic meters even if they are businesses, probably because they know they won’t be competitive on them at all. They do accept BACS payments but only via their bespoke channel.

I like that they post their credit requirements, which is currently set at an Experian Delphi score above 30.

There are however practices that I am aware of that I completely disagree with.

The one hugely unethical practice that Engie do, which drives me crazy, is that they will not offer renewal prices to the broker. This means that as a broker, if I put someone with Engie, then I MUST switch them away from Engie at the end of the contract, even if the customer is happy with Engie. They will also attempt to sign the customer up direct themselves, cutting out the broker.

ENGIE do not accept Pubs, Clubs, Takeaways or Care Homes, however they will be considered if part of a group. They also do not offer prices for Churches and Charities.

Ease of Contact

I can’t speak much on ease of contact, I don’t even remember the last time I contacted them.

Problem Solving

Likewise I haven’t had any customer issues with Engie and as such can’t comment on their problem solving.

d-energi logoD-Energi

D-ENERGi is a private limited family business. The company was started in April 2002 by two brothers. Over the years D-ENERGi has grown today provide thousands of customers business energy solutions all over the United Kingdom. Ranging from Bulk LPG, business gas and electricity, renewable and biomass solutions.

Cheap Prices

I’ve tried to quote hundreds of meters with D-Energi and they’ve always come up expensive. I’ve tried a lot as they offered me a nice deal for working with them so I was hopeful they’d come up good. Sadly I’ve never been able to put a customer with them. I periodically check with them hoping they’re prices have come down.

Ethical Practices

D-Energi will offer backdates of up to 6 weeks, which is nice.

D-Energi have minimum gas and electric usage requirements, which means if a customer falls below those requirements, they won’t offer renewal rates. All payments are done via direct debit although their accounts team can sometimes accept BACS but only with a “good” reason.

D-Energi like many other suppliers are now preventing brokers and third parties from accessing their customers accounts unless they have an actual agreement with D-Energi. As I’ve stated many times above, this is unethical as many customers seek help from third parties and suppliers like D-Energi will refuse to entertain any communication from someone whom the customer has asked to step in and help.

They do not accept Hairdressers, Bar/Pubs/Social Clubs, Property Management, Takeaway’s (Pizza, Kebab, Fish & Chip shops etc.), Small shops (Hairdressers, Tanning Salons, Off Licences etc.)

Sadly D-Energi, do still automatically roll over customers, which is horrendous in 2020.

Ease of Contact

I find D-Energi very easy to contact via email and telephone – however they are non-existent on social media.

Problem Solving

I haven’t put any customers with D-Energi and as such can’t comment on their problem solving.

Yu Energy

Yu Energy are a Nottingham based energy supplier who were established in 2009. They were previously known as Business Energy in 2009 and changed their name to Yu Energy in 2013. They aim to improve customer experience for both homes and businesses.

Cheap Prices

I haven’t used Yu Energy for prices since 2016 and as such I can’t comment on their prices currently. Back in 2016, they were very competitive.

Ethical Practices

Gas prices are fully fixed, however electric prices are not fully fixed. They automatic rollover customers when their contract ends. They don’t offer cash/cheque payment methods.

Ease of Contact

I’ve had lots of contact with Yu Energy and its slow and painful. Email response times are slow and social media is non-existent.

Problem Solving

I’ve had lots of problems in dealing with Yu Energy. I found their staff to be rude and unhelpful. I haven’t had great experiences with their customer service agents and their managers.


I have zero professional experience with ecotricity but I follow them closely. I pride myself on providing customers with cheap electricity and gas. Sadly ecotricity are very expensive.

However, taking price off the table, I’d highly recommend ecotricity. I love what they are doing and I hope they grow their customer base more and become cheaper.

daligas logodaligas

I was briefly with daligas for my home gas account but on the SME business side, I have zero experience with Daligas. No comment.

smartest energy logoSmartestEnergy

I literally have zero experience with Smartest Energy so I can’t actually speak about them. I have heard good things from some colleagues so, if that’s something to go by, feel free to take it.

Interesting point about SmartestEnergy is that they recently bought out Dual Energy.

Yorkshire Gas & Power LogoYorkshire Gas & Power

I have sent price requests to Yorkshire Gas & Power on numerous occasions and their prices have literally been horrendously expensive. As such I have never put a customer with them.

corona-energy-logoCorona Energy

I’ve done one contract with Corona Energy, this was back in 2016. The price was really good and I never had to contact them again. The customer had a two year contract and didn’t get back to me about their experience with them. Thus I have no real experience with them beyond one great price. Obesity has literally closed me home. I couldn’t leave the house because I wasn’t sure if I could cover the distance between the front door and the car. It’s now in the past as I’ve taken a course of treatment with Phentermine from This drug helped me lose 110lbs. I couldn’t believe it was true. I’m a different person now due to Phentermine.

orsted logo dong energyOrsted / Dong Energy

Back when they were Dong, their gas prices were phenomenal. I didn’t even know if they supplied electric, because of how expensive they were.

I have had no experience with them since their name change. For now, no comment.