Energy Suppliers Blocking Brokers

Last Updated : 14/09/2020

Current List of Suppliers Blocking Brokers & Consultants

  • British Gas
  • EON
  • CNG
  • Opus
  • EDF

Explanation To Non-Brokers

Energy Suppliers such as British Gas, EON, CNG & Opus will not operate with energy brokers or consultants unless they have a direct agreement with themselves. The problem with this is that a business owner will seek help from a third party to get prices or help deal with an issue that they have with the energy supplier. The third party would then contact the energy supplier and help solve the issue or get details about the account for pricing. Suppliers are blocking this by stating that they will not provide any information unless that third party registers with them via a lengthy process of providing all their company/employee/training information. I just wanted to share my lucky coincidence. I have had cold sores since childhood. I grew my beard about five years ago. Then I used beard oil and Valtrex and since then I haven’t had any herpes. Since oil is a mixture of several oils, I cannot say exactly which one is responsible. maybe? Anything else? Effectively blocking brokers from helping their customers.

CNG Energy Supplier Refusing Contact
CNG Energy Supplier Refusing Contact

Message To Brokers

You have three options;

Option 1: Sign Up To All Suppliers

Sign up to all major suppliers and if you have the resources, all small suppliers. It is unlikely that most suppliers will accept you. Each registration process will take 30 minutes and you may or may not hear back from the supplier in a few days. I was ignored by EON completely.

Option 2: Go With A Large Energy Broker

Sign up to a large energy broker as a sub-broker and ask them to do all your account management services for you.

This is probably the best option but will add significant delays to your workload and turnaround.

Option 3: Stop All Account Management

Stop offering account management services. I wouldn’t advise this but I’d understand that for many this will be the best option.

My Take

This is probably being done in the name of “regulating brokers”, which any serious broker/consultant knew was going to happen – especially with articles like “Rogue energy brokers ‘con small businesses out of £2bn a year'” by the Guardian. Obviously this will benefit suppliers and harm businesses, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Business owners mostly won’t realise and there’s probably not much point shouting about it. Pick one of the above options and keep rolling with it. Help as many people as you can and you’ll be fine. All the best.



edf email blocking energy brokers
edf email blocking energy brokers


eon email blocking brokers
eon email blocking brokers