Dual Energy Rebrands To SmartestEnergy

Dual Energy Rebrands to SmartestEnergy

Dual Energy, a well-known Sussex-based UK Energy Supplier established in 2009, has changed its name to SmartestEnergy after it was acquired by them in 2019.

My thoughts;

“This is an absolutely great move which I was hoping would happen back when the acquisition was announced in 2019. Dual Energy was a company that picked up a great reputation 2011-2014, serving small businesses but then things started to fall apart – with myself, and many others criticising them. SmartestEnergy on the complete other side of the energy coin, have a superb reputation in the corporate energy world. Their customer service and technology is praised constantly. Hopefully this re-branding will involve some internal change in Dual Energy.”

Dual Energy have changed their official company name to SmartestEnergy Business Limited.

Be sure to take note of this as this new company name will be on all official documentations, like terms & conditions and payment information.

dual energy changed company name to smartestenergy

Who Are SmartestEnergy US LLC

A large Energy company that operates in UK and Australia, supplying businesses with electricity & gas as well as smart technology that can help them manage their energy usage. The main company ‘SmartestEnergy US LLC’ is actually owned a Fortune Global 500 company based in Japan called Marubeni Corporation.

Marubeni Corporation

Whats Changed?

Buildings, staff and contact numbers remain the same. Likewise opening hours. Phone Number: 01903 703411 Opening Hours: 8.30 am-5 pm Monday-Friday

New Emails

Email addresses have changed; New Sales Support Email: salessupport.business@smartestenergy.com New Customer Services Email: customerservices.business@smartestenergy.com

Social Media

Likewise social media has also changed; twitter.com/SmartestEnergy youtube.com/SmartestEnergyLtd linkedin.com/company/smartestenergy