Direct Debit Discount – Is It Worth It

Here’s how much you’d save if you’re currently paying via non-direct debit and you switched to direct debit.

Total Bill £60 per month = £50 a year
Total Bill £100 per month = £84 a year
Total Bill £150 per month = £126 a year
Total Bill £500 per month = £420 a year

Almost every energy supplier in the country offers a 7% discount for paying via direct debit. Very few offer no discount and some others offer smaller discounts like 2% or 5%.

The figures above are based on the standard 7% direct debit discount.

Fixed Vs Variable Payments

You can pay via fixed or variable direct debits. Fixed direct debits are a set amount each month. For example £100 a month all year round. This often leads to being in credit in the summer months and debit in the winter months. It balances itself out. Variable direct debits move up and down depending on how much you use. This often leads of random bills varying from £40 a month in summer months and £200 a month in winter months.

Some Concerns About Direct Debit

No doubt doing a direct debit means that the energy supplier could take much larger amounts out of your bank. This occurs very often, however you can always contact your bank straight away and get any direct debit reversed immediately. My clients have done this time and time again. Suppliers have a responsibility to inform customers of the amount coming out of their account, at-least 10 days before. However many suppliers don’t do this, so if your supplier takes too much out of your account, reverse the debit.

If you do get a very high direct debit, take a meter reading straight away, along with a picture of the meter and email it to your supplier, you can find their emails on my blog if you can’t find it online. Once you’ve emailed them, call them and tell them you have a problem with your bill and want it reduced.

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