Decembers Gas Disaster – Prices Going Up!

Brace yourself, things are getting a bit crazy with gas prices. We’ve seen in the last 24 hours some major problems. Mainstream media are always ready to bash energy companies over their high prices the reality is, it’s not always their fault.

Yesterday a Gas pipeline (known as Forties Pipeline) in the North Sea was closed due to fractures in the pipeline. This pipeline transfers around 40% of Britain’s Oil & Gas. It will be closed for at least a few weeks, which as you can imagine, will massively effect us.

Further to that, there was an explosion this morning (12th of December) on a Gas pipeline in Austria, which was one of the main pipelines to Western Europe.

Add to that, the coldest night of the year last night, the snow all over the place, many people staying at home. I’m going to have to advise you that now is THE WORST TIME to do a Gas contract.

If you’d like to know more or want to know when would be a good time to do your Gas, drop me an email at and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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