A Smart Plan To Counter The Rising Expenses On Energy For Hotels

As we know, money saved is money earned, the hoteliers can avoid cost-cutting on vital services by limiting the expenses on energy. The hotel industry spends above £1.2 billion every year on energy, ranking it among the Top 5 energy consumers in the country. Government and private auditors have concluded that the reason for the large energy usage is not the demand, but rather the misuse. The findings by the government which claims that by reducing 1% of energy usage, you could save thousands of £’s a year.

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Factors To Consider Before Managing High Energy Costs

It’s going to take a lot of work to get your costs down but it sure will be worth it. Heating systems need to be properly maintained and operationally managed on day to day basis to avoid the hefty energy bills. One way to do this is by insulating buildings with quality raw materials to combat the 2/3 heat loss through the floor, the walls and etc.

Heating systems can be efficiently controlled to suit the need of the day and to utilize a mechanism to allocate the temperature based on atmospheric and customer requirements. For example, most hotels maintain a flat temperature throughout their interior around the clock, instead, they can plan on the time of the day and do changes to temperature controls and monitor them accurately to cater the timely needs of the establishments. One way many hotels do this is to just turn off the air conditioning for 1 hour each day and 90% of the time, neither staff nor customers notice any difference.

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In addition to the above measures, hotels will have to service boilers frequently to avoid incorrect fluctuations in thermostats.

Sky high costs of lighting can be altered to a reasonable energy cost by simply staying on top of when the last time they were upgraded. You have many lights which are on around the clock, and especially some unoccupied spaces are lighted all day. You might say; “well if someone wants to walk down the stairs from the 5th floor, they need lighting so I’ll leave those lights on.” Chances are no one will walk down those stairs so just stick an automatic sensor light, might cost you an extra £15 but you’ll save hundreds in the coming years. Automated lighting systems based on sensors and timers are your friend, use them. The easiest route to cutting the cost of lighting expenses is simply to replace your power-hungry lights to less power consuming bulbs, the switch will help you reduce your lighting costs by half and even more.

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Top Tips

  • One of the hidden culprits of high energy consumption are the Fridges and Freezers. When you have frost and Ice built up inside the Fridges and Freezers the equipment have a natural tendency to suck in more energy. Be sure to defrost and clean Ice build up to avoid disappointment.
  • Your staff should be taught the “Know How” on energy management and operational responsibility with a high level of monitoring capability in order to achieve your tough goal of reducing your energy bills annually.
  • Do not use heaters and Air-conditioners simultaneously without proper control. Studies prove that when using dual temperature control systems, actual temperatures might intersect with one another creating a wastage in energy consumption. To overcome this, it is advisable to study the hotel against the climatic conditions and draw a line taking average warm and cold temperature thresholds into considerations. Thereafter, to manually program or automate the heating and Air-conditioning systems in a corporation for a balanced output.
  • It is a wise move to exchange your Appliances and Electronic devices against appliances with low energy rating, such as A+++. The downside of buying new appliances is the big price tags associated with them, but in the long run, your investment would pay off. Maybe check out some businesses who are closing down and clearance appliances.
  • Maintaining a neutral temperature in and around the most significant areas of the hotel is critical. With intelligent use of the thermostat, you are able to save around 6% – 8% of the annual energy bill just by reducing the temperature by 1 degree Celsius. Surprised?
  • Automated light control systems should be installed in any hotel in order to feasibly control the lights when the building or room is occupied or vacant. The sensors in the automated systems will intelligently turn off the lights when there is no one. This system can save you around 25% – 40% energy.

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Which Energy Supplier To Use

There are plenty of energy suppliers in the market, but when it comes to picking the right supplier out of the pool, there are few things which we all have to go over. But I know that the first thing going through your head is the cost factor, and you naturally go with the cheapest bid. This type of decision making is not always the clever move, as cheaper is not always better. Every brand would brag that they are the best and others are not the right option. Because every brand is after money and everybody wants to offer you the best, at least they say so. Check out my post here on using a broker to pick energy suppliers for you.

Monitoring Usage

One of the best ways to save money on your bill is to actually look at your usage often. It will keep you on the ball. A great move would be to install an AMR or Automated meter reading devices.

I know that your busy schedule won’t allow you much time to go from one energy supplier to another, but this is where I can help and assist you to provide you with the best and cost-effective solution. So, simply email me to get your next quote and save money this year.